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Nudging: How small nudges can influence your decisions

Have you ever wondered why you choose certain things over others? The truth is, our decisions are not always based on rational thinking, but can be influenced by small nudges that we receive.

What is Nudging?

This is called "Nudging", a concept from behavioral psychology that refers to subtly influencing people's behavior without removing their freedom of choice. Nudging works by making certain options more attractive or visible than others, which can influence the decisions people make.

Examples for Nudging in a business context:

Nudging can also be applied in a business context. For instance, a company might want to encourage its employees to make healthier food choices and exercise more to improve their health and performance. Instead of imposing specific foods or exercise programs on employees, the company can use nudging. The cafeteria can display healthy options like salads and vegetables in an appealing way and promote them with positive messages like "Healthy tastes better!". Also, healthy snacks can be placed at eye level to make them more visible.

In addition, incentives can be created to motivate employees to move more. For instance, inspirational quotes and images can be placed on stairs to encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or running groups can be formed to encourage employees to engage in physical activities together.

How Nudging works?

Through these measures, employees' behavior is subtly influenced without taking away their freedom or patronizing them. Employees are encouraged to make their own choices about what to eat and how much to exercise, but healthy options are made more attractive and positive incentives are set to promote healthy behavior.


In conclusion, nudging can be used in a business context to positively influence employee behavior. By providing subtle nudges and incentives, companies can encourage their employees to make healthier decisions and exercise more to improve their health and performance.

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