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Using the strengths of each member optimally

Every team member distinguishes itself through its unique personality, its individuals strengths, and weaknesses. And because this is the case, Lemin starts by getting to know each individual user and creates an individual personality profile for every member.


But what would the individual be without its team? Lemin's principle is that users cannot just be viewed isolated, but instead have to be viewed within their environment - their team. Lemin identifies roles, positions, and relationships within the hierarchies and work groups and therefore detects potential conflicts early on.

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Dashboard team analysis with view for trends | Lemin


An analysis as unique as
your organisation

Data from the team analysis will be linked intelligently through AI. Lemin detects the challenges of all teams and highlights critical fields of action. The focus lies on the fields of communication, collaboration, leadership, and wellbeing. Therefore, Lemin does not only make symptoms transparent but also creates an understanding for their individual causes.


Personalized support for each team member

Lemin's unique analysis points out individual fields of action, challenges and problems for every team. Based on these results, Lemin, as a fully automated team coach, takes each and every user by the hand and actively works with individual coaching moments (nudges) together with the team on their challenges. Exactly when it is needed most - within the daily workflow.

All in One Platform for Cultural Change | Lemin


The all-in-one-platform 
for cultural change

Next to our centerpiece, the nudges, Lemin offers further supporting tools. These allow for best possible usage and, hence, offer the optimal conditions for longlasting, sustainable change and satisfied employees. Lemin combines an e-learning platform, feedback tool, performance management, competence library, and meeting notes all-in-one and therefore works as a one-stop-shop for cultural change.

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Faster, easier start

Effects visible immediately

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