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Coaching software for future-oriented team leadership

Lemin is the modern all-in-one solution for sustainable culture, team and personality development.  We make strengths visible, promote commitment and equip employees and managers with the right soft skills. 

Future-oriented companies that trust Lemin

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How Lemin works: 


1. Login & employee survey

Users are given digital access and are automatically guided through the system. This ensures rapid implementation and the greatest possible comfort for employees and the company.  For a goal-oriented approach, it is important to understand where the obstacles and problems lie within the team. Therefore, Lemin first conducts an employee survey.

2.  Insightful analyses

Lemin not only points out existing problems, but also develops solutions. To do this, every team member must be involved. In order for this to happen individually, Lemin conducts a personality analysis for all members and thus gets to know each individual. 


The highlight: Lemin's Analytics is a real gamechanger. Dashboards provide deep insights into personality and strengths.


3. Nudges - personalized coaching moments

Based on the analysis, Lemin offers a fully digital coaching experience for the entire company using the Nudges. It helps each team member to do the right things at the right time - personalised according to their role in the team, their strengths and their personality.

4. Additional fetaures

To achieve the best results, teams have access to state-of-the-art e-learning, performance management and feedback tools. Lemin automates their use to ensure they have the greatest impact.

This is what you achieve with Lemin

Goal-oriented approach
Valuable results obtained through surveys,  Recognize connections and promote team development.

Improved performance
Targeted employee development through automated and personalized coach moments.

Stronger culture Strengthen employee loyalty, a sense of unitycreate and accelerate growth.

Dedicated teams
Establishing a feedback culture through performance reviews and regular feedback.

Thats what our customers say

Selected Voices


Anna Semmelroth
COO | Eurowings Digital

"Lemin's analysis made the individual challenges of each team transparent to us. The nudges support employees and managers and integrate perfectly into daily work. Lemin helps us take our organization to the next level."


Marc Stehle

CEO | Busch & Kunz

"At Busch+Kunz, the topic of corporate culture represents the basis for making decisive decisions about changes, innovations and motivation. For us as a partner, Lemin is the "key enabler" to not only talk about culture, but to live and understand it by all employees to implement everyday life."

Interfaces to existing software landscape

We connect your software landscape with Lemin in just a few steps in order to link the processes with each other.

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Measurable Results



The nudge engagement-rate lies at 91 %



90% of Lemins users report visible improvement...



First behavioural changes visible after 3 months

  • How do you accelerate culture change?

  • What is stopping you from putting performance recognition and employee engagement first? 

  • How do you create the emotional wellbeing of your employees?

We are looking forward to helping you answer these questions.

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