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Certification as a top workplace

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Lemin seal

The Lemin certification as a “Top Workplace” puts your corporate culture in the foreground and highlights your company as an attractive employer. 

Companies that meet a certain standard receive the seal, which ensures that positive corporate culture is promoted and communicated to the outside world.

Why should you get certified?

Attracting and retaining skilled workers is a significant challenge for companies today. One of the most important factors is corporate culture. Only when employees feel valued and heard will they be fully committed and realize their full potential. Focusing on the needs of employees represents a significant competitive advantage for the future.


Investing in an outstanding workplace culture definitely pays off, because leading employers perform measurably better in terms of fluctuation, employee retention, innovation and, above all, economic success.  An award from Lemin as a top workplace acts as an extremely effective measure for employer branding. 

Benefits of Certification
Generate attention

Certified companies have greater employee retention, while turnover rates decrease in companies with a culture similar to our standards. At the same time, new employees will become aware of you and it will be much easier for you to recruit talent. 

Optimize profits

Productivity increases where engagement is high. A good workplace culture has a direct impact on a company's productivity and represents a clear competitive advantage. Certified companies see higher sales development than other competitors. 

Become more innovative

Companies in which the culture promotes initiative and creativity generate more high-quality ideas and therefore become more agile. They are better able to withstand and implement change and have a comparatively better ability to innovate. 

3 step certification

1. Collect data quickly and easily with the help of Lemin's surveys

2. Receive direct feedback on your own corporate culture with detailed analyses

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3. Shine as a top workplace by meeting standards and take advantage of your competitive advantage



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